Joe Boyd

Only story has the power to cut through the noise and spark people to hope and action.

Joe Boyd, Rebel Pilgrim CEO, has devoted his life to the art and business of storytelling. His career began as an improv comedy performer with The Second City in Las Vegas. After that, Joe went on to produce 9 feature films. He launched Rebel Pilgrim Creative Agency in 2012 with a vision to unleash the power of storytelling in the marketplace. He currently consults directly with several Fortune 500 companies and is a sought-after keynote speaker. Joe is the author of Between Two Kingdoms and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Leadercast.


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“Yes, And” Improv Workshop by Joe Boyd

Using the basic tenets of improv comedy, Joe Boyd (formerly of The Second City) will lead a group of people through a series of interactive games and exercises to help see unexpected surprises and setbacks as unique opportunities to make adjustments and find a better solution.

This workshop always promises a lot of fun and laughs, even for those who may have not normally be a “performer” type.

Students will learn:

  • The power of learning to say “yes” when we want to say no.
  • How to build team unity in high pressure situations.
  • How to tap into the human instinct to make work more playful.
  • How to learn to listen before speaking in pressure situations.

Most of life is improvised moment by moment. As soon as a snag comes into our well-intentioned plans, many of us tend to panic or over-correct or become emotionally unstable. Learning to handle these moment-to-moment adjustments is one of the keys to becoming a leader worth following.

Failure is how you get humility. You can tell people who have failed… and you can tell people who pretend to be humble but haven’t failed enough yet. — Joe Boyd

We spend most of life trying not to fail. In doing so, we unwittingly sabotage our future success. True meaning and purpose in life is birthed from our most bitter failures. Greatness comes to those willing to fail everyday.